Overall information known to all (or most of) the group:

There are `strange things' going on in this city

1) Orcs are seen on a regular basis within town and no one really "thinks about it", or seems to care

2) There is a tavern within town, which is owned and operated by what appears to be a 'troll'

3) Several persons (one known to the MAIN GROUP) have mysteriously `disappeared' in the last several days without any explanation

4) There is a large "army" of hobgoblins (and who knows what else) gathering in a location close enough to `threaten' the local Halfling and Gnome establishments

5) The "King of Verbosh" is no longer "king", and whoever is in charge seems to have forgotten his responsibilities to the City at-large, and to the surrounding community

6) Merchants (in town) have come up "missing" within the last few days.

7) The monthly trade caravan has not arrived. It is now two days late.

8) The army (of Verbosh?) is looking for and inducting 'volunteers'

9) A creature that MUST have been the size of a dragon, was seen flying in the southern sky, toward Mount Carnage.

10) A dwarf (of unknown origin) was recently heard claiming Kingship of the Mountain Dwarves, because of his Dwarven Hammer (known as Thunder, the Lightning Hammer)